Indian Mirror | Neither here nor there! Directionless Khaira

Over ambitious politician of Punjab, Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who left
the Congress party and joined Aam Admi Party is still struggling to
get a position in his new party.


Khaira was aiming to get something big from AAP when he left Congress
in December 2015. However, after a month, Khaira fails to find any big
position in AAP Punjab.

It seems he has lost his direction as neither he is in the Congress
party and nor in AAP top cadre.

Khaira is a misguided missile


Once Sukhpal Singh Khaira was the blue eyed boy of the former Punjab
Pradesh Congress Committee President, Partap Singh Bajwa, but he was
side lined by Bajwa later for firing salvos at political rivals
without the consent of party’s leadership. The act of Khaira left
Bajwa hurt and he termed Khaira as misguided missile who just only
knows how to fire without knowing the target.

Why Khaira loses place in Congress party?

The former MLA, Khaira had started holding press conferences against
the political rivals without informing the party leadership. Moreover,
he did not lose a chance to give statement in the sub judice matters.
Khaira’s self-centred approach and foolish statements without
consenting the party’s senior leaders including the PPCC president
forced the party high command to side-line him. Moreover, he did not
miss the chance to attack Rahul Gandhi and Capt Amrinder Singh when he
left the party. Why Khaira did not speak against the party leaders

Why Khaira does not find a place in AAP?

When Khaira had joined AAP he was aiming to get a top most position in
his new party. However, he failed to attain any prominent rank in AAP.
Khaira, who is a headline hunter always try to grab the attention in
Social Media by putting his statements, his video clips and his
photographs. After joining AAP in 2015 year end, Khaira had given his
personal advertisement in which he mentioned AAP. He did not stop
while talking to media in AAP also. The party leadership warned Khaira
to refrain himself from such activities.

First impression is the last impression

The self centered activities of Sukhpal Singh Khaira left his bad
impression in the party. Right from the beginning of joining AAP, he
did not refrain himself from making headlines in the media. Khaira’s
first impression left the party hurt and that’s why he failed to get a
rank in the party fold.

Self-styled politician Khaira is directionless

Right from the beginning of his political career, he wanted to achieve
anything big at any cost.Over ambitious, Sukhpal Singh Khaira neither
successfully attained a respectful position in Congress party and nor
he gained anything in AAP yet. He is still facing political crisis of
his career and his love for publicity left him directionless. Where he
will land with his highly political ambitions no one knows but one
thing is clear in his case that he has lost his direction.

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