Pseudo secular stance of AAP

“Arvind Kejriwal plunged into politics with claims of putting an end to “Nafrat Ki Rajniti”(politics of hatred) before himself being allured to murky vote bank politics of religion”

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) kicked off their political campaign with a promise of refreshing change in the murky world of politics. But a deep look into its world of politics reveals how it has fallen into the trap of politics, it originally wanted to change.

Murky religious politics

Arvind Kejriwal took plunge into active politics with a commitment to end religious politics and work towards creating an equal & just world which was free from any kind of prejudices and biases. He stated that the Aam Aadmi (common man) of this country is secular, but the political parties wanted to create hatred and spread insecurity among communities.  He promised to end vote bank politics but going against his own ideology, AAP began to milk the religious vote bank!

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In wake of political gains in larger contest, AAP inducted several Muslims into its fold amid much fanfare. Then, it went on to form a Sikh cell to reach out to the community. Four constituencies in Delhi are dominated by Sikhs and they can sway votes in another three. Muslims dominate four constituencies and have a considerable majority in nine constituencies. There is no denying that a winning candidate from these constituencies will come from the dominant community.

Kejriwal’s defended by saying that cells were created with an aim to look into specific issues of a particular community. No doubt several issues affecting a particular community directly. But are such cells a solution?

 Today they have formed a Sikh cell, tomorrow there will be a Christian cell, then one for Jains. What happened to their secular stand of being Indian, or just an Aam Aadmi?

Pseudo-secularism exposed by senior party leader


Senior party leader Iliyas Azami came down heavily AAP saying that it was never serious on the issues related to Muslims, backwards and Dalits. Iliyas Azami, who is AAP’s national executive and political affairs committee member, alleged that the party played with the sentiments of Muslims just for their votes. He further said that the AAP is now pursuing the policy of using Muslims for political benefits and as political tool.

 AAP came into fore with a promise of offering clean & alternative governance and putting an end to vote bank politics. But by going solely by the winnability and poll arithmetic, has AAP not retracted from its promise of religion-free politics?



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