Kejriwal begging for funds for his own publicity

The “muffler man”Arvind Kejriwal has been preparing for Bollywood and the public is sponsoring his dreams. According to the information, a documentary has been prepared in both Hindi and English which will depict the rising of “Aam Aadmi Party” and especially Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal is trying to fulfil his dream of becoming actor as the documentary will project him as the crusader against corruption.

Raising Day Of Delhi Fire Service

 Upcoming documentary, Proposition for a Revolution

AnANDGANDHIThe documentary is produced by film-maker Anand Gandhi and the public is bearing the expenses of this documentary. It’s currently in post- production and is getting donations through social media and public. Again Kejriwal is playing with the public money. The sources revealed that Gandhi has been working on the directions of Kejriwal. The filmmaker had spent a lot of time recording the day today activities of the party. Moreover, the documentary would also depict the elections of Delhi also.

The pre planed Documentary for self-publicity

Kejriwal had shown a lot of distant dreams to the residents of Delhi and right from the foundation of “Aam Admi Party” the documentary has recorded the scenes till the Delhi elections. The project has exposed the Chief Minister of Delhi who deliberately planned a documentary for gaining self-publicity.

 Publicity on public money

The entire project is being run on the public funding. The so called “messiah” is again befooling the public as the party has not funded the documentary. Moreover, the producer has been acting on the directions of Kejriwal who told him to collect money from public also. Kejriwal has mastered the art of collecting the money from public. It is evident that he is getting publicity by making all efforts.

A headline hunter

When AK failed to serve the people, he deliberately started projecting himself in the advertisements especially on Radio. Moreover, he had allocated a budget of Rs 526 crore for information and publicity. A government official had told that the AAP government is spending Rs 22 crores every month on advertisements.

Why the Producer selected the topic?

Questions rose at film producer Anand Gandhi that why he had made up his mind to make a documentary on “Aam Admi Party” and why he had only recorded the shots of party’s rise from the beginning to elections only. Why the producer did not go to the different areas of Delhi and asked the people what has Kejriwal done after winning their votes. It’s a well-planned and creative effort of “Dhokebaj” Kejriwal who is now trying to win the sympathy of people to save his skin.

Kejriwal, an overambitious politician

When Kejriwal had founded the party in November 2012, he claimed that he had no political aspiration and he would run for the posts. He contested the elections and deliberately he contested against the former Delhi Chief Minister, Sheela Dixit. Moreover, during Lok Sabha elections, he again contested against Narendra Modi. After Delhi, he is setting his eyes on other states as he is trying to project himself as the prime ministerial candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections.


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