AAP’s poster causes swirl

Direct connection with Khalistan movement can been seen in the recently released poster by Aam Aadmi Party with ‘Bhindranwale’ as a lead and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal as his admirer. 

“Recent poster with photos of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, along with Kejriwal, National convener of Aam Aadmi Party and few of its senior Punjab leaders, caused disquiet among Punjabis as it got viral on social media”


Arvind Kejriwal a Chameleon

Kejriwal has shown his true colors like a chameleon, on one side he has denied the fact of releasing the poster by its party members, on the other side he has failed to file any FIR against the persons for releasing it. People are wondering why NO FIR, if it did not release the poster. For mere publicity Kejriwal is now urging people of Punjab as well as its party workers to visit the nearest Gurdwaras and pledge to walk the path shown by saints (sants).

“The corrupt AAP party who is now blaming its opponents for creating such poster in order to spread false propaganda, should not only come clean (if they are) on the poster but also make its stand on the entire issue”, said Captain Amarinder Singh, Punjab Congress President.

Bhindranwale a saint; or a daaku?  

AAP leader Kejriwal calls Bhindranwale a saint; where as his Punjab leader Sucha Singh Chhotepur addresses him as “Chambal Da Daaku”. Contradictory statements of both AAP leaders show the dubious character of the party and its leaders. Far away from patriotism, AAP is just focused on its publicity and short term political gain that is why it’s trying to vitiate the hard earned peace in the state of Punjab. AAP has been over the past one year seen adding political fuel to the radicalism fire.

AAP leaders, who shouted pro-khalistan slogans in the recent past during the Sarbat Khalsa event, have been witnessed using the word “inquilab” as invocation of revolution. “Inquilab”, accredited to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, who wanted freedom from British and for the great cause he gave his life for the nation. “Who does AAP want freedom from?”, questions Captain as he finds corrupt AAP leaders disturbing the Punjab state for party’s political gain and propaganda.

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