Another tight slap to Kejriwal

Kejriwal once again got caught in a embarrassing situation when Delhi High Courts quashed a trial court order on the charges against his Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) told high court that returning original documents would hamper the CBI’s initial investigations. “Neither AAP government nor its functioning gets paralyzed, if it is not given back” as photo copies of documents were already provided to the Delhi govt. officials, a senior CBI official said.


Recruitment Scam

CBI found lot of discrepancies as several pages were found missing and some “pencil entries” were seen, which could be easily erased to change the nature of the documents, in the file pertaining to data entry operators’ recruitment for e-rickshaw unit. Irregularities were indicated in the recruitment process done through ICSIL.

Why Delhi government supported Kumar instead CBI?

Question arise that why AAP government dragged Central Bureau of Investigation to High Court and supported Rajendra kumar , who was accused of corruption charges for allegedly favouring five private companies in the award of contracts by misusing his official position. Why was Arvind kejriwal silent on the issue, when he very well knew the involvement of his official in corruption, why he dragged the whole government in this issue. There is definitely something fishy about it.

Stop being Dramatic

Kejriwal should now stop his drama of being an anti-corrupt leader as he is now “thoroughly exposed” in the media as well as public. A person who talked about corruption-free government during his election campaign has instead given the Capital city its worst government, as he has been seen now-a-days protecting his own leaders who are caught red handed in various criminal and fraud cases.

Kejriwal has given Capital city its’ worst government till date”

 Delhi deserves better

People of Delhi deserves much better than that of Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party government, who has always been seen playing the “victim” card to redirect public & media attention from the controversies and criminal cases against its leaders.

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