Kejriwal: I will prefer to go for vote bank instead of anything else

kejri with parents

“When the entire nation is paying homage to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Pampore encounter at J & K, the Chief Minister of Delhi was busy in a rally using Rohit Vemula’s name. The head of Delhi was supporting the incident of JNU during the rally.”

Once the Aam Aadmi, Arvind Kejriwal was supporting the rights of the soldiers and moreover, he had plans for the soldiers who sacrifice their lives on duty. Even he had offered a sum of one crore to a CRPF soldier who died in an encounter with Naxals in other state.


However, the “muffler man” has forgotten all the things he has done in past and these days he is very much busy in wooing the vote bank.

When ten soldiers were died during the duty in Siachen glacier, Kejriwal did not utter a single word to pay homage to the soldiers. Moreover, he did not tweet as he does as usual like other incidents.


The country lost its eight soldiers during the Pampore encounter in Jammu and Kashmir and despite knowing the fact, Kejriwal preferred to attend the rally for the late dalit scholar at Jantar Mantar.

The rally was organised by the Joint Action Committee and even the Jawaharlal Nehru University students had joined the protest.

The Chief Minister was playing the dalit politics to woo the vote bank and he was simultaneously supporting the incident of JNU with the students on the spot. How cheap is Kejriwal, who always trying to woo the vote bank and has nothing to do with the nation. Only politics, politics and politics is the main motto of the national convenor of Aam Aadmi Party.



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