Kejriwal: Only five days are enough to understand Punjab


Is it possible for a person to understand a place with in few days, especially a big state Punjab? Yes, it is possible for a person in this world, whose name is Arvind Kejriwal.

The Chief Minister of Delhi during his five days tour to Punjab claimed that he is now have complete knowledge of Punjab better than his political rivals. Do Kejriwal have a magical stick who reveals everything to him within hours?

This is utter non sense of the AAP national convenor who failed to understand Delhi and claiming that he knows everything about Punjab.

A five days visit is enough for Kejriwal to knows the issues

The AAP supremo was completely confident when he completed his five days tour to Punjab. He claimed that now he has got complete information about the state. Questions rose on the credibility of the Chief Minister of Delhi that he has done nothing for his own state and now he is eyeing on Punjab leaving the residents of Delhi in lurch.

The social media websites are flooded with the comments against Kejriwal. The netizens are blaming the muffler man that how come he make such statements when he is not doing anything for Delhi.

Kejriwal claimed that he would change Punjab with in few months

kejri 2

During this visit to Punjab, Kejriwal told that he would change the face of Punjab within two months. He promised the farmers of Punjab to solve their issues within 24 hours if AAP forms the government. He claimed that if AAP comes to power, the youth would be given employment with in months and every facility to the state would be time bound.

How Kejriwal has befooled the public of Punjab? The residents of the state up in arms against the Chief Minister of Delhi and during his tour to different places, people protested against him for not fulfilling his promises to the residents of Delhi.

A resident of Sangrur told that Punjabi’s are emotional but they are not fools. In a year of AAP regime in Delhi, people have come to know that the party misguided them with false promises. How a person who failed in his own state is claiming that he knows the other state better in few days?





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