AAP insulted judiciary, gives clean chit to Kanhaiya

“The AAP has proved that judiciary is not much important for the party as the party itself takes the decision in the important cases. The sedition case against JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar is in the court and APP has given clean chit to the accused who is on conditional bail for six months.”


The court in Delhi had granted Kanhaiya a conditional bail of six months but the ruling regime of AAP has given clean chit to the president of JNUSU.

For Kejriwal, AAP is above all

Right from the beginning of the JNU episode, Arvind Kejriwal was supporting the arrested students of the varsity. Moreover, he had joined the rally in protest of JNU students. The sedition case against Kanhaiya is still pending in the court and court has granted him a conditional bail of six months. The court will monitor the activities of the varsity president. However, there is nothing in front of AAP supremo who himself given him a clean chit. On the directions of the Chief Minister of Delhi, clean chit has been given to Kanhaiya and the party claimed that the varsity president is innocent.

Kejriwal tweets for JNUSU president and blessed him


Kejriwal in his tweet mentioned, “Heard Kanhaiya’s speech many times. Amazing clarity of thought expressed wonderfully. He said what most people have been feeling. God bless him.”

Now the people facing sedition charges would be blessed by the Chief Minister of Delhi. How beautifully the head of the state has tried to manipulate the JNU incident. He is blessing the traitors of this country.

The incident of JNU was hatched by AAP’s student wing

 The incident happened at JNU on February 9 was hatched by the CYSS, a student wing of AAP. Earlier, the AAP had denied that CYSS members were the organisers of the event but later the Chief Minister himself started supporting the incident. It is unfortunate in this country when a Chief Minister of national capital supporting those people who raised slogans in favour of Pakistan.







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