AAP is a protector of “traitors”


“The AAP legislator Amanatullah Khan from Okhla who is being monitored by anti-terrorist unit of Delhi police has been caught in the controversy for using derogatory language against Prime Minister to fan communal sentiments in Muslim community.”

In a religious gathering held at Red Fort in the mid of February, Khan was seen supporting a Delhi based Islamic scholar Mufti Abdus Sami. The scholar was arrested by National Investigation Agency. Sami was arrested on the charges of sedition.

While addressing the gathering, Khan had blamed the centre government of discrimination against Muslims. Even he had also instigated the gathering to plan a movement to “gherao” the Union Home Minister’s official residence.

He told the audience that Delhi has a huge Muslim population so they can gherao the minister’s residence easily. He urged the public, “If you start doing that, I can assure you that the government will not dare to touch your children.”

According to the news reports, Khan has admitted that he used the derogatory language and he also supported Sami. The Delhi police had claimed Sami was encouraging the youth to join anti-national forces. Look at the AAP MLA who is supporting Sami.

 Khan had requested the gathering to hold protests for Sami

During the religious gathering, Khan told the audience, “You will have to fight against the system. I will ask you to come and hold the protests to seek the release of Sami and you have to join the protests so that we could achieve our target.” He was constantly asking the audience to come on streets and fight for the release of Sami. He used the communal trick and told the public that the minority Muslim community is being framed by the police in false cases so that the voice of the community could be suppressed.

AAP comes to rescue Khan

sanjay singh

The spokesperson of AAP, Sanjay Singh defended the legislator and admitted that Khan has used wrong tactic. But he said that it all happened because the ruling centre government has harassed the Delhi government so much that their legislators have no other option left except reacting sharply.



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