Another interesting publicity stunt by AAP

tobacco add

AAP has mastered the art of getting the publicity with the cheap stunts. A recent incident has highlighted the nonsense of the party. The party has written to the wives of four Bollywood celebrities to refrain their husbands from the advertisements of Tobacco. As per the information, letters have been sent to the wives of Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgun, Arbaaz Khan and Govinda.

The content of the letter requested Gauri Khan, wife of Shah Rukh Khan, “We appeal you to encourage Shah Rukh Khan to not participate in the ads of Tobacco products in the larger public interests.” The same requests have been made to the other Bollywood celebrities wives. How foolish is the party who are indulging it self in the cheap publicity stunts?

A close associate of the AAP supremo who was expelled from the party had told that Kejriwal can do anything to get fame. Kejriwal was termed as headline hunter by his associate.

In Delhi, Kejriwal failed to ban tobacco products properly

tobbaco 1

In 2015, after taking the charge as Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal’s government had banned the chewing tobacco products. But, the tobacco products are easily available at shops in the national capital. Kejriwal failed to ban the tobacco in his own state and now he has adopted a trick to be fool the public to write the letters to the celebrities. Whenever some media personal asks about any latest news, the party has something to deliver always.

A political expert told that the government should take strict action in national capital to ban the products properly. However, the government failed to achieve its aim and now shifted the blame on celebrities. He further added that the celebrities take those ads which are genuine in nature. In Delhi, vendors can be seen selling the tobacco products on streets. It’s all hypocrisy of the government to misguide the public.

Letters were written to the actors earlier

The AAP government had written letters to these four actors earlier. But when the government did not get any news from the actors, the party played the trick to woo the wives of these celebrities. According to the official of Delhi government, letters would be sent to the other celebrities in few days. An angry employee of the government told that whatever the AAP government thinks they do it immediately. The employees were asked to draft the letters so many times because the AAP leaders wanted that the letters should convince the celebrities.

AAP had approached Sunny Leone also

Earlier, a similar letter was written to actress Sunny Leone, over her role in advertisements endorsing tobacco products and pan masala. But the government did not get any information and they have started letters to the other celebrities. The objective of the government is clear that the government want to get the political mileage by performing such stupid practises.



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