The anti-nationalist AK claims himself a “patriot”

Kejri baba

When the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal found himself in trouble because of supporting JNU incident, he started claiming himself a “patriot.” The state head who was supporting the JNU students facing sedition charges now took u turn.

He has started claiming himself bigger patriot by comparing himself with the rival party leaders. Once again he proved that he has mastered the art of taking u turns.

Kejriwal tweeted that he has been raising his voice for dalits, the poort and backward. He raised the voice for dalits to get political gains. He prefers to target those who can be a good vote bank.

 Now AK start talking on martyred soldiers

He remained silent when the ten soldiers died during their duty in Siachen glacier.  Moreover, he had preferred to attend rallies when six soldiers attained martyrdom in Jammu and Kashmir. Kejriwal is now talking about the martyr soldiers. He is supporting the anti-national and he blamed centre government for protecting anti-nationals in Kashmir.

On Sunday, an FIR was registered at Saroornagar police station in Hyderabad following a court order relating to sedition charges against Kejriwal.

He had offered Rs 1 crore help in 2015 to a CRPF soldier who was died in Naxal attack. He had played the trick to get the political mileage. He is just hungry to make votes only. When he got in trouble, he started calling himself a bigger patriot.

He supports the militant, JNU students. Is this patriotism?


In Punjab, the AAP leaders distributed the pamphlets and pasted posters of the slain militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Moreover, the pictures of Kejriwal and AAP Punjab leaders were in the poster. The leaders had urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhindranwale.

A criminal case has filed by a Moga resident in Ludhiana courts against Kerjiwal and his company.

He has supported the JNU incident and even had joined a rally in support of the arrested JNU students. Kejriwal had given clean chit to Kanhaiya when the case is still pending in the court. He had tweeted for Kanhaiya also and he had blessed him.

He supports Khalistan movement, he supports anti-nationals. Is this patriotism Mr Kejriwal.




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