AAP presented second time a directionless budget


AAP regime made big promises this time too

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia who is the old friend of AAP supremo presented a directionless budget this time too. In the maiden budget of 2015-16, the party did not make anything and second time, the government came out with the visionless document to misguide the public.

AAP boasted about its fake achievements in assembly

Sisodia while presenting the budget claimed that the government made 8000 classrooms during 2015-16. In fact, it is not possible to construct large number of classrooms in 365. Even the mathematical calculations would expose the ruling AAP.

The government has only constructed 21 schools in a year and in the election manifesto, it was promised to make 500 schools in five years. If the ruling AAP has built 21 schools in a year, then the dream of making 500 schools would never be chased.

Sisodia proposed Aam Admi Canteen for “poor”

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Sisodia proposed the special canteen which would serve food on very nominal rates. Once again the party has come out with a plan to woo the poor voters as poor population is the biggest vote bank in the national capital. The leaders have mastered the art of wooing the voters and this time they again played politics on the front.

AAP promised free wi fi but now charging for the service, claimed Sisodia

The party had promised to offer free wi fi service within a year. However, the party failed to fulfil its promise. The wi fi service has been started in few areas of Delhi but it’s not free as ruling government put charges for the services. It is even admitted by Sisodia in the assembly during the budget that the ruling government is charging for the service.

AAP investing public money for good work, good work means Kejriwal

Sisodia said that the government investing Public money for good work. But the good work is something different as the public money is being spent on Kejriwal’s self-publicity and advertisements.

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