AAP’s oddly placed car rationing plan stares at Delhites

“Several car-owners in National capital have still not got over from the shocks of whopping taxi bills, fleecing auto drivers and jam-packed metro trains in the beginning of year when AAP government’s odd-even rule gave them sleepless nights. Now, they are staring at another major trouble as Delhi government has decide to launch the rule for second time.”


Odd-even car rationing scheme by AAP government in Delhi was termed as a success when it was introduced for the first times. But, it was declared success not based on the ground reality but on the basis of political affiliation of those pronouncing the judgement. Delhi government may have not left any opportunity to declare odd-even scheme as a grand success but if we look at it objectively then we realize the stark contrast.

Cars are the cause of pollution

As per a study conducted by IIT, Kanpur on causes of pollution in Delhi – cars are not the primary polluters in the Delhi and contribute a mere one per cent of the Particulate Matter – PM 2.5 concentration. According to the finding for that study vehicles cause only 9% of the pollution and out of the major pollutants are trucks, buses and other diesel vehicles. Cars cause only one percent of the total pollution.

Cars were picked by AAP government only to create a hype and boast of their grand success at later stage. Ground reality reflects a clearly different picture than what is projected by Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government.

Defeat of real purpose

The car-rationing scheme was introduced with an aim to curb pollution in city, which had risen to a dangerous level. Pollution was posing danger to the city but Delhi government came up with a superficial plan just to gain self-publicity. This flawed scheme had only caused suffering and major inconvenience to people of Delhi.

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