Odd-even ‘dobara’ or gimmick ‘dobara’?

“Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief, Arvind Kejriwal is regularly appearing in TV advertisements to announce commencement of second phase of odd-even car rationing plan. Termed as odd-even ‘dobara’, Kejriwal leaves no opportunity to project it as grand success but conflicting views have to come to fore as he has acknowledged the fact the scheme in first phase failed to reduce pollution level in national capital.”


While the questions galore Delhi CM on the feasibility and effectiveness of the much-hyped scheme, even the thoughts about this car-rationing plan is haunting citizens of Delhi. Various reports and analysis of scheme have revealed failures of the much-hyped plan The basic purpose of the plan stands defeated as there was no reduction in the pollution level while the scheme was on.

Cars cause a fraction of pollution

As per the study conducted by IIT Kanpur on major pollutants in Delhi city, cars contribute only one percent of the total pollution. The study found out that vehicles contribute only 9% of the pollution and in that cars’ contribution is not more than one percent. It is noteworthy that trucks, buses and other diesel vehicle cause major pollution.

The biggest reason for pollution in Delhi is dust particles. As per the geographical location and climatic condition, dust doesn’t settle easily in the national capital and hence, it is the biggest pollutant.

Publicity stunt

Arvind Kejriwal has left no stone unturned to term car rationing scheme as a grand success. Delhi government’s PR machinery pumped in huge resources to project as a successful case study outside Delhi. AAP government’s massive advertising budget of RS 526 crores came handy here. But no matter what they do, AAP government cannot befool people of Delhi who have gone through much of sufferings and inconvenience.


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