‘Smart City’ – false commitment by Kejriwal

A person who made people of Delhi dream about smart clean and corrupt free city has been failed to achieve the same, as common man of Delhi remain poor, unemployed and starve for their basic amenities like drinking water.


Kejriwal who talked about opening up of schools, new health facilities, 24 hrs electricity and water supply in the Capital has been either seen enjoying his vacations or sitting on dharnas.

Much talked “failure of 15 day odd-even trial” in the Capital city has been proved as another opportunity for Kejriwal to take a break from his home state and enjoy his vacation with his wife at a luxurious resort in the outskirts of  Bengaluru.  He attributed the growing pollution in the Capital of the country as a prime reason for the recurrence of his cough and chest congestion.

“Kejriwal availed the opportunity by taking a break from the Delhi weather to restore his energy for protests and holding dharnas”

AAP followers who supported AAP initially are now-a-days seen raising their voice against its National convener Arvind Kejriwal, as what they wanted was decisive and clean governance by Kejriwal but got totally opposite. They felt betrayed by AAP government as it could not prove its worth in the past one year.

Delhi in crisis: Kejriwal missing

While garbage dumps mount up here and there on the streets of Delhi, students were sent back from corporation run schools as teachers were on strike and hospitals refused to attend patients as a result of strike held by doctors for non payment of salaries. Kejriwal was enjoying in bengaluru and was unavailable to comment on the crisis in Delhi.  He was even accused by public for misusing People’s hard earned money which is paid to government in the form of taxes, for his own leisure.

AAP today is floating in a cloud of high-expectations in regards of Assembly poll in Punjab, built by false advertising, inappropriate marketing and dishonest wealth. Reality of the party is coming to limelight slowly with large number of its leaders getting exposed in various corruption and criminal cases.

Kejriwal, who is now heading towards Punjab for his week-long trip, should first concentrate on the conditions of Delhi which are out of gear rather than enjoying in Punjab.

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