Is it safe for women to travel alone in Delhi?

There are endless numbers of threats being faced by women of Delhi, and that is why women’s safety in Delhi has been in the news ever since AAP government came to power. While Kejriwal talked much about providing safety for women; eve-teasing, assault, molestation and most seriously rape cases in the Capital city have increased in the past one year.


When women don’t feel safe even in their own streets, what to talk about public places and public transport of Delhi, as it has become the terrain of the huntsman. Every single moment women of Delhi has to fight their way to a basic life with dignity. Many women have expressed their concerns about traveling alone in Delhi; many more have opted not to move out of their homes. Delhi transport, as once promised by Kejriwal, fails to provide any CCTV cameras and marshals deployed.

Kejriwal, a Hypocrite

We should confront the horrid truth that Kejriwal is a hypocrite, as is the one who supported and even provided assistance to the killer and rapist of Nirbhaya in setting up of a tailoring shop. Mortal Nirbhaya gang-rape saw an outburst on the streets of Delhi – protests decrying the fragile status of women in the National capital.

Kejriwal, at that time had promised to deploy 10,000 Home guards and Marshalls for women security in buses of Capital city but not even a single Home guard has been engaged by Delhi government till date while many women continue to be molested in Delhi.

How can Kejriwal assure women of Delhi about their safety when women are not safe in his own Aam Aadmi Party? AAP women wing woman leader, Amandeep Kaur, had to resign from the party charging the male leaders of the party making her fake pictures viral on social media.

  • “Every single day in Delhi, a young girl is being trafficked into flesh trade by wither her poor parents or by the kidnappers”, NGO working with women official said.
  • “Twice or thrice in a week, cases of Acid attacks on women in Delhi come to our notice”, another Official from Stop Acid Attack says.

This is the time for women of Delhi to stand bravely by each other and demolish the AAP, which just talked lofty about women empowerment and women safety but have failed badly during the reality check.

“Women of Delhi definitely want Delhi to be safer place for themselves as well as their friends and daughters”

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