Kejriwal and company without water in Delhi

Kejri baba

The water crisis in the national capital has raised fingers at the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal’s capability as he has failed to provide the water to the residents and making excuses to save his government. The K & C started sending messages on twitters to show their helplessness.

Kejriwal and company has started showing their signs of failure when the water crisis started. The government had failed to maintain the water reservoirs in the city and now they are getting exposed in front of the public.

Moreover, the AAP supremo and his deputy lost their mental balance and started putting blame on Haryana for the crisis. Arvind Kejriwal again tried to misguide the public as he told that the protests in Haryana led to the water crisis in Delhi.

In a tweet on water crisis, Kejriwal wrote, “We have completely run out of water. I appeal to the centre with folded hands to immediately intervene and get Munak canal started in Haryana.”  An official in Delhi on anonymity basis told that the concerned department had hinted the CM office regarding the water shortage a month ago.

As per the information, Munak canal was never closed but the government in Delhi failed maintain the water reservoirs in the city.


The deputy of Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia tweeted, “so, dry day starts from today? No water supply at my home this morning. No hope to get water from Munak canal. Tough days ahead for Delhi.”

The messages on Twitter exposed Kejriwal and his company crying of water crisis. The residents of Delhi are up in arms against the government as they feel that the chief minister should have come out with some concrete solution instead of writing tweets.

tera vada

Manoj Shrivastav, a resident of Shahdara said, “I am repenting for voting AAP as they party had promised us to give free water. We are using the private water tankers as there is no water supply in our locality.”

Subramaniam, a resident of Safdarjang said that when the Chief Minister of Delhi and his deputy are without water then how come the residents will get it.




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