Arvind Kejriwal, a “natwarlal” in Indian politics


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal left Delhi for his political tour to Punjab when the city was witnessing water crisis. How come a Chief Minister can do this with the residents of his own state? But, Kejriwal damn bothered about the people of his own state and moved to another state for his political holidays.

The careless Chief Minister of Delhi left the residents of his own state in lurch and moved to Punjab for self-promotion. How foolishly Kejriwal had put the blame on Haryana for water crisis in Delhi? Moreover, during the crisis, he managed to flee in Punjab for votes only.

kejri 1

A resident of Chandni Chowk told that the people of the city thought Kejriwal is a statesman but now they have realised that he is just a politician. All the promises made by Kejriwal to Delhi people are only in papers and failed to take off in the city.

A foolish Chief Minister of Delhi who failed to curb the crime in his own state is promising the residents of Punjab to make the state crime free within months. People of his own state termed him as a Natwarlal in Indian politics. The notorious character was popular in Indian cinema for his cheating and befooling the public.

kejri 2

He has promised the people of Punjab to make the state drugs free within two months. However, he failed to curb the drug menace in Delhi in a span of one year. Look at the fool who is trying to cheat the people of Punjab.

The stuntman is offering job to a dalit family member in Punjab in his own state where thousands of youth are unemployed in his regime. A farmer had committed suicide during the rally of Kejriwal in Delhi and it was evident that AAP leaders had instigated the farmer to commit suicide. He is now promising the moon to the farmers of Punjab. A person who did not stop his rally during the farmer suicide cannot solve the problems of Punjab farmers.






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