Compensation to 84 riot victims proves eyewash

AAP has time and again raised the issue of Anti Sikh riots to gain political mileage. Eyeing assembly election in Punjab, AAP government in Delhi released compensation to riot victims. But it proved only eyewash later as AAP government failed to take any action on much hyped probe on the case.


Much publicized compensation to riot victims

On 31st anniversary of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Kejriwal government organized a function to award a cheque of Rs. five lakh to select riot victims. It is nothing but a cruel joke if a government after 31 years of biggest carnage in Sikh history, gives five-lakh compensation to victims. It also proves how they were trying to politicize the issue.

AAP also tried to garner sympathy of Punjabi voters and issued advertisements highlighting their achievement in all the regional newspapers of Punjab during Kejriwal’s visit to state.

Fails to initiate SIT

AAP advertisement also mentions about Delhi government’s probe into all the cases relating to riots and talks about Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by government in last February. But their commitment again proved eyewash as it was surfaced from media reports in January 2016 that the file meant to constituent SIT was missing and Delhi government was clueless about that.

The file was marked to Delhi home minister, Jitender Singh Tomar and when he was confronted with media about the missing file, he first rubbished it as rumour but realized about it later as deputy home secretary had issued a circular to all the departments, requesting them to trace the missing file.

Hand in glove with Congress

It is now no secret that AAP is hand in glove with Congress and it is now clear that SIT was AAP’s ploy to delay probe into anti Sikh riots case.

Exposing his double standards, an image showing Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in jovial mood with Jagdish Tytler had gone viral on social networks. The image exposed the big picture on false propaganda and hidden agenda of Aam Adami Party. If AAP was committed to put the people responsible for Sikh carnage then why would have Kejriwal shared the dais with main culprit Tytler in a public function?

It is now evident that Kejirwal is playing politics on Sikh issues to gain political points. Kejriwal showed commitment to deliver justice to Sikhs in anti Sikh riots case but they never allowed the probe to happen.


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