Honesty is the best policy, but not for me, says Kejriwal


“When it comes to Arvind Kejriwal that honesty is the best policy, he ignores the saying as he feels that the saying has meant for others, not for him.”

The Union budget was presented by the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley on Monday. At that time, Arvind Kejriwal was touring in Punjab and right after the announcement of the budget, the AAP national convener started commenting on the budget. He himself wasting the public money on self-projection and despite knowing the fact, he is giving sermons of honesty to centre government.

Without studying the budget properly, Kejriwal raised fingers on the centre government. He was seen lambasting at the Finance Minister. If someone ask Kejriwal that how much money he has spent on Delhi, then he will shut his mouth.

AK sets aside Rs 526 crore ad budget, blaming centre on union budget

kejri cartoon

In the maiden budget of AAP government in 2015, a sum of Rs 526 crores set aside by Kejriwal for self-publicity.  The ad budget is very much higher as compare with the ad budget of other states. The Chief Minister of Delhi has beaten the centre government on the ad budget front. In a span of a year, Kejriwal spent on advertisements in newspapers and radio stations. Even High Court had told that AAP government is wasting the money on publicity.

Look who’s talking

kejri 1

The Chief Minister who had taken the reins of the national capital a year ago as an Aam Aadmi now changed his stance. He is busy in self-publicity by throwing exchequer’s money on advertisements. The radio stations at Delhi have been earning crores through Kejri ads. The person who is wasting the public money on himself cannot point out the mistakes of others.

When a farmer committed suicide in front of Kejriwal, he was a silent spectator. The dual character person has been lambasting on the centre government for not giving anything big to the farmers. The Chief Minister did not read the provisions of the budget for the farmers and started levelling allegations against the centre.

The Chief Minister who failed to provide cheap power and water along with free wi-fi has been commenting on the centre government on budget. Moreover, he always make excuse that centre government creating hurdles for AAP government.

It seems, honesty is the best policy for others but not for Kejriwal as he is lavishly spending the public money on himself and busy in self-projection instead of serving the residents of Delhi.



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