What is paid news? AAP knows better


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has mastered the art of pleasing media by offering them lucrative advertisements. The credit goes to the AAP member of Delhi, Ashish Khetan, a former journalist of Tehelka who had published a paid article favouring a company.

As per the information, the company had been facing trial in the court and Khetan had published a detailed report depicting the clean image of the company. Later, it was found that the report was paid.

Corruption in Keriwal’s coterie

khetan 3

Arvind Kejriwal had promised the people of Delhi to present an excellent model in Indian politics and the party would not entertain the corrupt people. The AAP supremo had aware of the fact that Khetan was involved in the paid journalism.

khetan 1

But, he welcomed the former journalist. The reason was clear because Kejriwal wanted to please the media and Khetan was the best person.

AAP pleasing media by ads

It was a difficult task for the party to plant stories in media and when AAP failed, Khetan guided Kejriwal to issue maximum advertisements to the media so that media could be pleased. A budget of Rs 526 crore was set aside by AAP government in Delhi for ads. In the history of this country, Kejriwal is the first CM who is spending exchequer’s money on self-promotion.

In Kerala, the advertisement of AAP Delhi government was published. The ad was projecting Kejriwal’s cleanliness drive in Delhi. In Punjab, the prominent papers were flooded with Kejriwal’s ads highlighting the party’s achievements.

Kejriwal learns the art of wooing people

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Kejriwal has perfectly learnt the art of wooing people by projecting himself in the advertisements. In the regime of AAP supremo, first time the advertisements have been given to the private radio stations. As per the information by an official, more than one crore each sanctioned to the different radio stations. The majority of the people in the country are fond of listening radio and the party has targeted the audience.





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