Kejriwal cannot win heart of Punjabis by wearing a Turban

“Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister is busy taking lesson in Punjabi language. He is trying hard to project himself as a true Punjabi and from brushing up language skills to donning a turban; he is doing all that is possible. But big question is – will he be able to win hearts of Punjabis?”


Arvind Kejriwal is a native of Haryana and now it has become evident that his loyalties are still intact with his home state. When was seen wearing a turban in Punjab when he was on a mission to gain sympathy of voters. He would even try his best to speak in Punjabi and might have been taking lesson to brush up his language skill. But all such efforts would bear no results as it has come to fore that Kejriwal’s heart beats for his home state.

Backstabs Punjabi community

Arvind Kejriwal has backstabbed the entire Punjabi community by taking U-turn on crucial issues. Kejriwal has played with emotions of entire Punjabi community on contentious & emotive issue of construction of Satluj Yamuna Link.


Kejriwal took a Punjab centric stand when he was in Punjab begging for votes but later retracted as soon as he left Punjab. It is noteworthy that he had taken a categorical stand against the construction of SYL citing lack of water in Punjab as the reason. Later he took a complete U-turn by favouring Haryana. He even went on to file an affidavit endorsing the stand taken by Haryana government.

Kejriwal first took an emotive stand by stating that Punjab didn’t have even a drop of water to spare with Haryana and later took a complete U-turn siding with Haryana and in that process he has backstabbed the entire community.

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