It’s a “Strike Out” Under The Aegis of AAP


One might question the number of strikes that the city of Delhi has seen in the recent past. As many as 10 or more strikes have taken place in the past one year. All owing to the failure in fulfillment of promises by the present government of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

In a classic portrayal political propaganda by the current Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has shown a very on the surface dedication and made a plethora of fake promises to the people of the capital of the country and the government he serves. The real question to as here is : Can a lying person run a state with all honesty? Sincerely doubtful.

The city saw a couple of the most prominent strikes that plagued the nation. Among these were the following –

Massive strike by MCD workers for non-payment of salary

AAP government had allocated only Rs. 2,457.84 crore to Municipal Corporation Department (MCD) for the financial year 2015-2016 while annual expenses goes upto 5000 crore annually. While MCD was unable to disburse salary for three months between November ’15 to January ’16, 1.5 Lakh MCD workers in city went on a strike.

Not accepting the shortage of funds in MCD, AAP starting indulging in blame-game and conveniently passed on the blame to BJP ruled MCD and termed the massive strike as ‘salary scam’.

Strike by government teachers

School remained shut for many days and 1.2 million students of MCD schools were sent back home, as 16,000 teachers are not strike in wake of not receiving salary since October 2015.

Strike by medicos

Healthcare facilities were hit badly. Emergency as well as OPD services remained suspended at government hospitals, as doctors and nurses of government & municipal hospital went on strike for many days.

Other major strikes that took place in Delhi include strike by guest teachers; taxi & auto drivers; DTC drivers employees; strike by contractual employees and ‘anganwadi’ workers.

It really frustrates a true delhi-ite to see what kind of person is running the city and how half-heartedly. Another things one may find themselves questioning is whether or not to trust a person whose own have been abandoning his side for such a long time now. With his recent gimmickry the CM has proven how he is just seeking attention from the media in order to fulfill certain ulterior motives. How far will the country and its people take it? Only time will tell..

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