Delhi Water Scarcity: An Advent of Kejriwal’s Broken Promises

There is much hue and cry over the water scarcity that the city of Delhi seems to be bearing the brunt of due to the recklessness of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Who, in his charade to win by polls promised a steady water supply as an incentive to lure voters.

Now that he the city under his aegis, all the promises made in lieu of the victory remain just a manifesto,  do not seem to materialize the way the people of Delhi would have wanted to see it happen.  In the run-up to Delhi election, Arvind Kejriwal promised to install metered water connection in every home and a network of water pipeline was to be laid in Delhi. After one year of Kejriwal’s government, very few water pipelines have been laid; and large parts of Delhi still wait for water to be made available through tankers. Around 40% of Delhi’s citizens still do not have water connections.

Since he would rather blame the PM and the Central Govt. for his own shortcomings as a provider to the people of the city of delhi, the scarcity of water is not the only ill-fate the city suffers.




Kejriwal in his manifesto had given lot of weightage on water supply and sanitation and made huge promises. However, most of these promises are far from reality. Some of the promises, which are not delivered, are:

  • A network of Piaos (water kiosks) was to be set up in Jhuggi-jhopri to meet the drinking water requirements of the people; however, Delhi government didn’t bother to pay heed to this promise after reigning power
  • The party promised to implement a dual water distribution system to recycle community waste water for non-domestic use. This was to be implemented in housing societies, commercial complexes, malls, etc. However, no announcements have been made in this regard.
  • The manifesto also promised that the government would build underground water reservoirs, booster pumping stations and water treatment plants. So far, Delhi government has not initiated anything in this direction

It’s been a year since Kejriwal was elected the Chief Minister. The common place woes of people, basic necessities such as water remain unresolved. In this situation, it is unrealistic to think that any of the other remotely complex manifesto’s will ever be fulfilled.

The people of delhi now question whether they picked the right leader. Nobody wants a Man solely guided by his own needs and not those of his people. After all – that what makes a leader, a leader.

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