Mohalla Clinic’s : AAP Ka Abhishaap

Among various other unfulfilled promises made by AAP, lie the basic unfulfilled promises made to provide basic necessities to the economically weaker section of the society. While it may seem like a heartfelt deed by the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party to reach out better to the masses, it now just seems like a bunch of empty promises that were made just in order to win the elections. The Mohalla Clinic’s were one of the most sought after ventures everyone was looking forward to.

The Delhi government sanctioned Rs 209 crores for setting up 1000 ‘mohalla’ clinics in Delhi but in past one year it has opened only one clinic and now it is not even shying away from issuing huge advertisements in leading publication across the country boasting its much-hyped achievement. Except, where are the 99 other clinics? And where is the leftover money being used!?

The first ‘Mohalla’ clinic at a relief camp in Peeragarhi area. But barely two months into its operation, the much-hyped project already starting drawing flak from the residents. Patients are unhappy with its treatment and think that it is like any other government dispensary. The same old problems that people face with most government healthcare facilities are faced here too. Issues like – long queues, shortage of medicine, or other equipment etc are

Even though only one clinic has been set up so far but that too is not devoid of shortcomings and resident living in nearby localities are expressing their dissatisfaction over it. What looked like a boon for the residents initially is now losing its charm owing to lack of proper research and planning.

At the launch of this clinic, the government announced that they will soon launch another 6000 clinics, in-keeping with the pace. But couple of months hence, the plan continues to be at a standstill. Let’s see how far the party can carry this charade forward!


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