AAP Ya Saanp?

Last year, Aam Adami Party came into power with a promise of offering alternate politics and ending VIP culture. Electorate of Delhi had set very high expectations but shattering their hopes, the representatives led by Arvind Kejriwal, went ahead to make things even worse.  After all the scandals, the name-calling exists and u-turns, the AAP has very brazenly triggered yet another controversy. This time gifting a big fat hike in the salary of Delhi’s legislatures!

In a world where around 10% salary hike is considered decent, nobody would have ever thought about a 400% salary hike. This is way beyond our imagination and nobody can get in any of the job. But the so-called representatives of ‘Aam Adami’ are likely to get as they have cleared the bill allowing a big fat salary hike to them.

Arvind Kejriwal continues to make false claimants by ‘resorting’ to a simple way of life. From a person who drove a meager Wagon R, he’s now demanding a vehicle worth 12 lakh. This from someone, who portrayed himself as an absolute austere person dressed in basic clothes along with a muffler wrapped around his. This was probably a charade that he resorted to, in order to resonate with the common man of the country. Except it was just for display.

AAP’s sheer hypocrisy and double standards towards politics has been exposed now. Good governance and the people centric approach as promised by Arvind Kejriwal, proved to be a farce. It is shocking that the AAP government has no funds to pay salaries to the Safai Karmacharis (sweepers) of MCD, likewise have no funds to pay salaries to contractual guest-teachers of government schools, no funds to pay old-age pensioners and widows, but they have all the funds to fill the pockets of their MLAs. Adding to public woes, this personal enrichment of legislatures is at the cost of honest taxpayers.

On the other hand, Kejriwal now demands a draw a salary close to 6, 60,000 per MLA in order to pay them not just for their services, but for the travel too. Guess he has somewhere forgotten to include the actual common man who needs the money more than his MLA’s do, in his fiscal accountancy. It’s sad.

To add to that, Arvind Kejriwal has moved into a 5000 sq. meter bungalow in Civil Lines and his Deputy, Manish Sisodia has occupied the official residence of former Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit. Conveniently forgetting, that he and his party refused all the often seen luxuries enjoyed by a common politician in the country. Unfortunately for them, the people remember.

This just goes ahead to explain, the hypocrisy with which the party functions, which is absolutely unbecoming of the otherwise promises made by them pre-election. Hang on, that WAS before the election right? What makes Kejriwal any different from any other politician in the political scenario who has failed not just to fulfill promises to the common man, but also the ones he vowed to himself.

In his defense, Arvind Kejriwal goes on to say that this would ensure a ‘corruption-free’ environment among lawmakers. But two important questions arise here – One, does a person earning more tend to be less corrupt? Two, wasn’t a promise of being ‘corruption-free’ that AAP made in the first place?

Seems like, our beloved CM of Delhi has but, a very frail memory. Due to which his party and the city that he governs, suffers.  Is it too late for an SOS?



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