AAP : For The People, Of The People, By The People

From the moment go, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been duping the common man at the behest of development and better opportunities. Not to mention, none of these have been fulfilled by them. Instead, AAP that talked about corruption free governance and had promised to usher an era of alternative politics has instead gone against its founding principles.

AAP government was marked with 400% salary hike of its legislatures and glorification of its governance by spending massive Rs. 526 on advertising. But the dark reality staring at Delhi is that there is no end to woes of its citizens. From the salaries of MCD employees that were not released. Pushing the limits of the workers into protesting against the government. It is then, that these overdue fiscal measures were dealt with.

The people from socially and economically weaker section of society played a major role in AAP’s massive win in Delhi assembly polls. Arvind Kejriwal showed commitment to uplift the poor people and made promises like regularizing contractual workers, contracting permanent house and most importantly authorizing the unauthorized colonies. It is relevant here that 40% of Delhi’s people are on brink as they live in unauthorized colonies. Not only that the mohalla clinics promised to them that provide free-of-cost medical facilities are now a distant dream.

It’s shameful that a party that promised a corruption free environment resorted ran to shade under the umbrella of corruption themselves. . Onion scam, sugar scam, fake auto permit scam, CNG scam, the list is endless. The scams that involved AAP or were initiated by them, go out to show that yet another fake and unfulfilled futuristic pereception was shown to the people of Delhi, only to fall flat on its face.
I think over the course of the past 18 months, the city now knows better than to siply trust whatever is being shown to them. They are slowly developing the ability to understand that there is more to things than what meets the eye. But bound by the law, they have no choice but to try to revere under such a poor sense of leadership.


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