Kejriwal And Punjab : Match Not Made In Heaven

A very brazen Arvind Kejriwal visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar, one of the most pious spots for the devotees of the Sikh community, on a very ill-fated day. Kejriwal was in Amritsar to release the ‘youth manifesto’, the first poll document of the party ahead of 2017 Assembly polls. It was his maiden day of three-day visit to Punjab.

Later, addressing a rally, Kejriwal said his party will win at least 100 seats of the 117 in Punjab. His party member Ashish Khetan further added to Kejriwal’s narrative and offended Sikh sentiments, when he compared his manifesto to the holy scripture of the Sikh community – the Guru Granth Sahib, thereby adding another nail to his party’s coffin.

As Kejriwal along with his supporters came out of the Golden Temple complex at around 2.30 pm, two Sikh youth started raising anti-Kejriwal slogans and threw pamphlets at them. “We, Sikhs, have never allowed anyone to point finger at our gurdwaras. You have run over our Sis Ganj with bulldozers!” the leaflet said. It was on the orders of the Delhi High Court that the drinking water kiosk near the gurdwara was demolished on March 28. A mob took to violent protests when the Delhi MC officials demolished a ‘piao’ (water kiosk) during an anti-encroachment drive in Chandni Chowk. However, the kiosk was rebuilt after the drive.


To the further aggravation of the situation, post his visit to the holy spot- Kejriwal pasted the “jhadoo” logo of AAP onto a picture of the Harmandir Sahib as a bid to promote the presence of AAP in the city.
His political menace began with the Amritsar visit and ended in his recent promise to people and the Sikh community that, he will personally go and apologise to people in Punjab for making them feel undone. His visit to Amritsar marked the beginning of a rampage focused upon winning elections and that alone, and not on people’s sentiments or the fact that he was offending those very people who he required the support of.
Today, all of us here are pre-empting what fate Kejriwal would have in terms of the outcome of the elections in Punjab as there is no end to the opposition he bears from the state or the people. Maybe it’s time he understands the underlying message here and just lets the false hopes of a victory, go.


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