Kejriwal to “vacation” in Dharamkot

Seems like Arvind Kejriwal is finally going to seek the amuch-needed help the public has been talking about.

The AAP chief is all set to retreat at a meditation centre here where he would not be allowed to meet anyone, it is learnt. The Delhi CM will stay in a single bedroom with a small window from August 1 to 12 at the Vipasana Meditation Centre in Dharamkot.
Centre in-charge Pawan Sharma told TOI that Kejriwal would be briefed about his daily routine on August 1. “Meditation courses here are usually for 10 days, during which seekers have to disconnect themselves from all worldly distractions. Even mobile phones are not allowed inside and meals are provided in the campus,” said Sharma. Classes will take place daily, along with briefings through videos, lectures, and other media avenues.

It would be a welcome change for social and mass media to not have any more Kejriwal round ups and dramas at least for the next 10 days since the AAP leader will be devoid of using his electronic devices.
It is said seekers are not allowed to talk to each other inside the campus, and they should even avoid eye contact. Apparently, Kejriwal’s visit is being kept a secret. However, district headquarters have received a communication in this regard, confirmed sources. Predictably, no party source has confirmed his plans.
Taking into account the hectic schedule of the Punjab polls ahead, Kejriwal perhaps thought it fit to rejuvenate himself before plunging into a triangular contest against the incumbent SAD-BJP establishment on the one hand, and an optimistic Congress that fancies a return to power.

Conclusively, this may be good news for Kejriwal for, the political party leader has recently gotten himself into a lot of trouble for creating a stir with his anti-modi statements. I guess a few days away from the media glare and a little help would do wonders to Kejriwal’s mental health. Or is it the beginning of some new, unforeseen propaganda?

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