Delhi Under Water : Where Is Kejriwal?

Delhi is currently witnessing one of the most aggressive monsoons in the history of the city. This has caused the city to practically drown under water. The people in the capital have to bear the brunt of things to the extent that they find themselves stuck in 3-hour-long jams, knee deep water and are at a much higher risk for viral infections.

Having said that, as a city that is among one of the most developed states of the country, Delhi suffers under shoddy governance. But the Delhi chief minister seems to be living in a world of his own.

The flamboyant leader has been tweeting on a host of issues to evade the public but there has been no tweet whatsoever about the ever worsening waterlogging situation. Arvind Kejriwal’s lack of initiative and absence of leadership in the situation is problematic at many levels.

So should we assume that if today Delhi was again left at the mercy of the gods, it was because AAP government lacked the intention to address this recurring nightmare that Delhi finds itself witnessing every monsoon?

Among the various promises made with the pretext of carving out a “better Delhi” under his governance, Kejriwal deluded people into believing that not will there be schemes meant for the health and welfare of the poor but bigger problems such as the one at hand would be dealt with. Delhi’s faulty drainage is not a recent problem but a very recurring and dismembering and long standing one. here’s hoping that having seen deaths due to this this problem, Mr. CM of Delhi will NOW wake up and brings about revolutionary changes.

The least that the people of Delhi could ask for is, to have a not-so-extravagant a wish – that of enjoying a monsoon without being troubled by floods – fulfilled? Are you listening, Mr Kejriwal?


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