Kejriwal’s Lax Attitude Towards Governance Costs Delhiites More Than They Bargained For

Two days ago, the city’s worst fear turned into a reality after a civic apathy claimed the life of a 45-year-old man in Delhi. Praveen Kumar was returning home when he was mowed down by a tanker. Kumar had lost control of his vehicle and tripped over a pothole before he was ran over by the vehicle.

Fatal accidents involving potholes have claimed over 100 lives across the cities every year. The pothole menace has become a common sight during monsoons. Several commuters grapple with this seething problem.

After the shocking death of Praveen, who was the sole bread earner of his family, relatives have accused the AAP government of laxity. “There are at least 50 potholes in this are but nobody cares. We have stopped sending our children to school and elderly people here seldom step out due to potholes,” said the deceased’s neighbor. “Kejriwal is busy with Punjab, he forgot that he became chief minister because of the citizens of Delhi. His primary responsibility is Delhi,” cried another enraged neighbor.

There are innumerable issues that have been floating around the faulty governance of Mr. Kejriwal that have been affecting those who function under him. We wonder, Has all the money allocated for the drainage system in the cities gone down the drain? A question that arises every time a person dies due to pothole. Adding to the woes is the endless blame game.

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