DTC Buses Makeovers : Too Little, Too Late?

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), which incurs a loss of Rs 3 crore everyday, will now run buses fully covered in advertisements like the Delhi Metro trains. The public buses body has invited bids from advertisers after getting a nod for the proposal from the state transport authority.

Even though this might be seen as a huge step towards redecorating the declining state of the public transport scenario in Delhi, evidence and history has it that the public transport system is at a slow decline under the governance of CM Kejriwal. Bearing the brunt of it, most of all- are the DTC buses which continue to remain in a bad condition.

Why Blame Kejriwal? Well, not only it is his duty as the CM of Delhi to take care of all theses nuances, it is also of utmost importance to recall the promises made by him at the time of election. His plans conveyed that he was to implement a system that would revolutionarize the face of public transport in the city of Delhi. Not a single implementation has been seen yet.

For DTC buses specifically, Mr. Kejriwal promised an increase in the number of buses, installation of CCTV cameras, security guards for the accompaniment of passengers (mostly women who travel alone during late hours)- none of which have even been brought up post his attainment of his candidature after elections, let aside the beginning the process or even planning for the same.

The official said bids have been invited for 1,825 buses and 17 depots, which fall under north and east MCDs. The publicity department of DTC signed a memorandum of understanding with south MCD but is yet to get a formal approval.

This shows another side to the more obvious news here- DTC has been rendered cashless and somewhere this is just a desperate attempt to make up for lost time in terms of development of a better system by the Delhi government.


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