The “Dharna Man” Bans Dharna’s Outside His Residence

Arvind Kejriwal is relaxing in Dharamkot. The ‘man of the common people’ stops the people from congregating near his residence. While everyone understands the need to maintain privacy and Z security should be able to handle that aspect, keeping legitimate members of the public from exercising their rights is excessive.

A day after a sub-divisional magistrate banned any public meetings and protests near chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence, Delhi lieutenant-governor Najeeb Jung termed the order illegal on Thursday and said strict action would be taken against him for violating the law.

Article 144 calls for blocking folks from protesting, meeting or shouting slogans near his residence. One of the reasons given for this 30-day ban that can be extended is that it is the festive season and therefore, more people are likely to make their way through there and cause problems.

Section 144 of CrPC is never imposed at the Prime Minister’s 7 Race Course Road residence and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s residence at 10, Janpath. So, why should Kejriwal have the benefit of actually gaining access to that kind of power? We wonder what the much ado is about.

His supporters even made the effort to travel to Dharamkot to see him. To no avail. They were quoted saying- “We are here to meet Kejriwal, but we couldn’t. Though tickets have been announced in Punjab by the party, there are still many issues to be addressed,” said Ajay Mahajan, a social activist from Pathankot. During his 10-day meditation course Kejriwal is not allowed to meet anyone or have access to newspapers or phone.

So much for democracy!


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