Arvind Kejriwal Wastes No Time. Heads To Chandigarh From Dharamkot

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said he was feeling “very energetic” after attending a 10-day meditation course in Himachal Pradesh. “Returning back from 10-day vipassana course. Feeling very fresh and energetic,” Mr Kejriwal tweeted.

Mr Kejriwal had gone to attend the session at Dharamkot, close to the Dalai Lama’s abode in Himachal Pradesh, on August 1. His course began on August 2. During the 10-day period, he was not allowed to meet anyone and denied access to newspapers and telephones.

As the flight to Delhi was cancelled following bad weather, Kejriwal left for Chandigarh by road on his way to the national capital. Earlier, talking to the media, Kejriwal said he was rejuvenated after the meditation session and was ready to take on his opponents. Talking about the party’s prospects in the upcoming Assembly elections in Punjab, he said the AAP would win no less than 100 seats there.

When asked about the court judgment on the role of the lieutenant-governor in Delhi, he refused to comment. Meanwhile, AAP ticket claimants from six constituencies in Punjab will address the media in Chandigarh on Thursday as they claim to have some proofs that would go against the candidature of the nominated candidates.

To counter their claims, the AAP has also convened a press conference to defend the choice of their candidates, who would also be present there.

Taking a lead over its rivals, the party had recently announced the first list of 19 candidates for various constituencies for the Punjab Assembly elections, which had not gone down well with some claimants, who thought they had a better claim to the candidature.

We wonder what Kejriwal has to offer. A new set of empty promises to make Punjab suffer as much as Delhi?


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