President’s Rule : Sisodia’s Inability To Rule?

In what may be seen as another desperate attempt to gain attention from the who’s who of the country Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on the first day of the Delhi Assembly session on Monday said that the Centre is preparing a situation in Delhi to impose President’s rule.

Speaking on the issue of August 4 High Court order, which stated that the Lieutenant-Governor is the administrative head of Delhi, Mr. Sisodia warned the Centre that the AAP-government will not spare them if the rights of the people are violated, in an apparent indication that his party may launch a major campaign for full statehood for Delhi.

Sisodia was quoted saying – “We are like children in politics, but we are not immature. If they (Centre) trouble the people of Delhi, we will not spare them… during the elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party had supported full statehood demand for Delhi, but now they have forgotten,” Mr. Sisodia said.

The evidence that comes from the state of affairs in delhi, suggests otherwise. Time and again the people of the city have been reminded of the AAP govt’s inability to rule in the city through the inability of the fulfillment of the promises made during the time of the elections. The president’s rule may come as a relief to the people of the capital as they may finally have a very real form of governance over the city with all the necessary issues addressed to.

Getting flak ftom the opposition- hitting out at the Arvind Kejriwal-led government over his “unconstitutional attitude”, Opposition leader Vijender Gupta said the AAP has always chosen the way of “confrontation” to expand itself in other States to get benefits in assembly elections there.

The deputy CM was appointed as the acting leader by AAP party leader Arvind Kejriwal after Kejriwal left for his 1-day long vipassana course to Dharamkot.

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