AAP Now Minting Money Out Of The Alcohol Industry?

After receiving much ado of publicity over nothing, the Kejriwal Govt is now all set to enter another reign of fire. This time, getting hard-hit by the liquor industry.

While Kejriwal is bust with rooting for seats in Goa and Punjab, politics over liquor vends intensified in the national capital on Tuesday with Prashant Bhushan-led Swaraj Abhiyan alleging that an alcohol outlet in Karawal Nagar was opened with the consent of Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra. Bhushan, who held a public hearing in Khajuri Khas in Karawal Nagar, the Assembly constituency of AAP MLA Mishra, threatened to launch an agitation if the liquor vend was not shut by September 11.

This does not come as a surprise that yet another member of the ruling party in Delhi is involved in some form of illegal activity.

Lashing out at the Arvind Kejriwal dispensation, Bhushan said the Delhi government has made liquor as a “source of income” and claimed that revenue from alcohol has increased by one-and-a-half times. “Why is the MLA (Mishra) staging a drama on August 28? The government is trying to mislead people by saying that Mohalla Sabhas will have the power to remove liquor vends, when the fact remains that no such power has yet been granted?

The fact of the matter that this incident goes out to show is the hypocritical side to the Delhi Government which does not cease to amaze.


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