Arvind Kejriwal to go for surgery in Bengaluru on public money


The Chief Minister of Delhi and national convener of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal is going for throat surgery in Bengaluru on taxpayers’ money on September 12.

Kejriwal would go to Bengaluru next week for a throat surgery to cure a chronic cough. The Chief Minister of Delhi will spend the public money this time too on his health.

Kejriwal will reach Bengaluru on September 12 and will be operated upon the next day at the Narayana Hospital.

He will recover in Bengaluru for 10 days before returning to the national capital on September 22. Earlier in January, Kejriwal went to Bengaluru for a naturopathy treatment for his chronic cough problem.

Kejriwal spent ten days for his cough treatment at the Jindal Naturecure Institute. He had taken the treatment from the same private hospital in 2015 also. It is evident that the AAP CM spending the public money on his personal needs.

An RTI information had revealed that Kejriwal spent Rs 80 lakhs for his treatment at Jindal hospital in 2015. It means the CM has spent crores for his personal health.

The AAP supremo had also spent ten days for a meditation camp in Himachal Pradesh and the expenses paid by the state exchequer at that time. Kejriwal has set the example of becoming Khas Aadmi from Aam Aadmi by spending Delhi taxpayers’ money on his health.

Recently, an RTI information has exposed the Kejriwal and his six ministers who gulped down tea and snacks of Rs 1 crore in 17 months. The AAP national convener who has taken the reins of AAP Punjab would stay in a private accommodation instead of a government guest house. The sources in the party said that Kejriwal looking for the accommodation in the posh area. The rent of the house would be paid by the Delhi taxpayers’ money.


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