Tihar Jail, the most preferred destination of AAP lawmakers

When Arvind Kejriwal formed the AAP party, he promised the Delhi people to present a clean image and corruption free political model in Indian politics. He had promised that the party would only induct clean image people and there would be ‘zero tolerance’ against corruption in the party.

The people of Delhi trusted the new party twice and in 2015, the party successfully won the assembly elections with a landslide victory. After taking the reins of Delhi, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal and his party changed the colours like a chameleon.

The AAP-led government in Delhi has broken all the records and promises made to the people of Delhi. The party has set an absurd example of giving a maximum number of legislators facing criminal cases. In the history of Delhi, this is happening first time when the lawmakers turned into lawbreakers.

Twelve MLAs of the party made a tour of Tihar Jail, and 21 legislators may face disqualification because of their irregular appointments as Parliamentary Secretaries. In fact, the idea of launching the AAP party was a full proof plan to dupe the people of Delhi. An Association of Democratic Reforms while analysing the election affidavits of AAP had revealed that 27 out of 67 legislators had criminal cases against them.

Arvind Kejriwal always tried to defend his party’s legislators. He had tried to defend Jitender Singh Tomar when the police found his law degree ‘fake’. Tomar was not expelled from the party, and he is still in the party fold. Moreover, Somnath Bharti was not expelled who was arrested in the case of domestic violence.

The police have sufficient evidence against the AAP legislators and leaders. The police arrested the legislators after the proper investigations. However, Arvind Kejriwal always blames the BJP’s involvement in sending his legislators in Jail.









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