Instead of playing politics, AK should focus on Delhi’s pollution


The entire Delhi has been suffering from the problem of pollution and the Chief Minister of Delhi is busy in doing politics instead of finding any solution to solve the problem.

Many critics are pointing out that the dangerous levels of pollution in Delhi, that has the affluent scampering away from the toxic Capital to other parts of the country like Kolkata wasn’t an overnight development and that the Kejriwal government got enough time to plan its response to a calendar-bound event.

Some critics, motivated no doubt by their dislike towards Kejriwal, are accusing the Delhi chief minister of dereliction of duty.

They say that Kejriwal should not have waited for Delhi to turn into a gas chamber and then announce a slew of largely ineffective measures.

Instead of accusing the Modi government of bringing “Emergency”, the Delhi CM should instead concentrate on tackling the real emergency that has put at risk the lives of all its residents, they allege.

Even the Chief Minister of Delhi, Kejriwal had put the blame of the farmers of Punjab and Haryana for creating the problem of pollution. When he exposed in front of the public then he started giving excuses to shield himself from the problem.

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