AAP party in connection with Axis Bank fraud


“An RTI activist has exposed the AAP party in connection with the Axis Bank fraud related to the bank’s branch Kashmiri Gate are of Delhi.”

A regional website has exposed the AAP in connecting with the Axis Bank fraud. An RTI activist Terrance Niel has claimed that he has procured the documents which revealed that Arvind Kejriwal’s party is involved in the fraud.

The IT department had unearthed around Rs 100 crore in 40 fake accounts at the Axis Bank branch in Kashmiri Gate area of Delhi.

As per the information, the bank flouted RBI norms by allowing customers open new bank accounts without receiving verified documents from them.

The IT department claimed that the modus operandi of the bank was to convert black money into white. The transactions being monitored by the department and the fake accounts were opened with the help of bank officials.

There are few accounts related to the AAP leaders and the matter is being probed by the department. The activist also revealed that the AAP party had received funds in the fake accounts during the Delhi assembly polls.

A fictitious company named Beagles Marketing was founded which received Rs 2 crore donations. The company provided wrong documents which were verified by the bank. However, the bank officials accepted the fake documents while opening the company’s account.

Even the AAP received the funding on fake PAN numbers. The IT department probing the matter and the AAP’s name is also involved in the Axis Bank fraud case. As per the information of RTI activist, the AAP party opened fake accounts and received a huge amount of donations. The entire process was done to convert black money into white.


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