AAP is a party of ‘corrupts and addicts’, says Naveen Jairath

Naveen Jairath, one of the 300 founding members of AAP quit the party. AAP’s national council member Jairath said good bye to AAP as he said that Arvind Kejriwal promoting corrupt people in the party.

Jairath resented against Kejriwal for preferring the ‘corrupt and addict people in the party. He further added that Kejriwal ignored the hard workers and promoted the corrupt leaders.

Virinder Singh Parihar, who was the party’s Hoshiarpur NRI wing and fund raising coordinator and was expelled a few days ago, also renewed his attack on AAP, stating that money raised from NRIs was sent to India through illegal means.

Jairath and Parihar both addressed the media and they revealed that Kejriwal knows what’s going on within AAP Punjab. However, Kejriwal didn’t bother what Sanjay Singh, Durgesh Pathak and Gurpreet Ghuggi are doing.

They told that earlier, they were under the wrong impression that whatever wrong happening in Punjab was being done without Kejriwal’s knowledge. They claimed that they shocked that Kejriwal is aware of everything.

AAP leaders are indulged in the corruption and selling the party tickets in Punjab. The party’s national executive member Yamini Gomar had also leveled the same allegation. Gomar had left AAP citing that AAP ignored the sincere and honest workers.

Moreover, she said that the party has anti-Punjab, anti-Dalit and anti-Sikh stand. She had exposed the party for selling tickets to the corrupt people. Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak sold out the tickets to rich people.

Dr Vinod Kumar, a former AAP worker had also leveled allegations against Sanjay and Durgesh for demanding Rs 1 crore as party fund.



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