Kejriwal’s blame game politics forced Najeeb Jung to quit


The blame game politics of the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal forced Najeeb Jung from LG’s post. Though Jung cited personal reasons for quitting as LG Delhi but the sources said that Jang was not happy with Kerjiwal since long.

Kejriwal was blaming the centre and LG for the delay in the projects. However, the Delhi CM was putting the blame for his inefficiency to centre and LG.

Jung’s three years in office were dogged by his constant power tussle with Arvind Kejriwal. The AAP head played stunt over the resignation of Jung. When Jung submitted his resignation, Kejriwal tweeted within five minutes.

He tweeted that Jung’s resignation is a surprise to him. He conveyed his wishes to Jung.
AAP alleges that as the centre’s representative in Delhi, Jung used his veto to strike down several Delhi government decisions in recent months.

Kejriwal was accusing Jung for adopting the dictatorial style. Jung directed the AAP led Delhi government to send him the files directly. The Delhi government was sending the files directly to the offices of cabinet ministers.

Jung had raised the objection and directed the departments to send the files to his office first. Even the Delhi High Court gave its verdict in the favor of Jung. However, the Delhi government took the matter in Supreme Court and the hearing was fixed in January 2017.

However, Jung was constantly facing verbal attacks by the Delhi government since February 2015. The sources said that the state government was opposing the decision of Jung. Moreover, the Delhi government had been shielding its failures by blaming the LG.

Kejirwal was frequently making statements that Jung was acting on the directions of PM Modi. However, Jung was claiming that AAP Delhi government was not working efficiently. The state government was not following the protocols.

Finally, the Delhi’s LG Najeeb Jung preferred to quit his post. It is crystal clear that AAP has been exposed in front of the public. Another question crops up now that What Kejriwal will do now?


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