AAP’s hawala connection exposed by former AAP member

The Aam Aadmi Party is the first in the country which is being exposed by its own members. A former member of AAP, Colonel Devinder Sehrawat has exposed the AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal for accepting Rs 70 crore donations through ‘hawala’ transactions from various illegal companies.

It is crystal clear that the AAP duped the people of the country by projecting false ideology of honesty. When Arvind Kejriwal formed the party he told that the party would work for common man. The party would present an ideal model of honesty and clean image in Indian politics.

However, the party has derailed from its ideology and set an ugly example in Indian politics. AAP is the first party having the tainted leaders and legislators in Delhi. The members of AAP have been exposing the party and revealing the ugly face of the party.

Colonel Devinder Sehrawat told that he has sufficient documents which revealed that AAP received Rs 70 crore through hawala transactions. Moreover, the transactions were done through illegal accounts.

First time in the country when the members of a party exposing the AAP. Virinder Singh Parihar, a former NRI wing coordinator and fund raising committee member had told that AAP received illegal funding from NRIs.

Parihar had alleged that the AAP Delhi leaders gulped down Rs 500 crore funds received from NRIs. Parihar was the first member of AAP’s fund raising committee who revealed that he paid Rs 50 lakh as party fund but the entire fund was sent to Delhi. Moreover, the AAP didn’t put the details of the funds on its website.

Even the Enforcement Directorate has exposed the AAP having links with Axis Bank frauds. The AAP leaders opened fake accounts in Axis Bank to receive the money from abroad. The ED had found that the bank opened the accounts without getting proper documents.

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