Can a person honouring perpetrator of 1984 contest Gurudwara elections?

Unarguably one of the biggest blot in the history, Sikhs can never forget how more than 4000 innocent people were butchered alive in the 1984 anti-Sikh genocide.


While justice still evade the riot victims, every Sikh would ask the question that how can a person who had honoured one of the perpetrator of anti-Sikh riots, content Gurudwara elections?

Congress leader Sajjan Kumar has been testified by several eyewitnesses for instigating mob to kill Sikhs. He had faced trial in connection with the killing of men in Sultanpuri area in west Delhi during the riots that erupted after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Crucial question arises here – how can a true Sikh honour a responsible for such a heinous crime?


Paramajit Singh Sarna’s candidature for heading the Dellhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) poses this question, who had publicly honoured Sajjan Kumar by offering him a ‘Siropa’.

Not only that he had supported Sajjan Kumar’s brother in the elections. Sarna also presented ‘siropa’ to grandson of Lala Jagat Naryan who was the founder of controversial Punjab Kesari group. It played a venomous role during the time of turbulence in Punjab. Punjab Kesari newspaper drew flak for venomous content that openly attacked Sikh faith.


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