When President of a Sikh elected body obstructed an ‘Akhand Path’

Elected Sikh body is responsible for management and upkeep of all the Gurudwaras. But the crucial question arises here – can President of a Sikh elected body stop any Sikh to perform an Akhand Path in any Gurudwara anywhere in his jurisdiction?


This actually happened under the reins of Paramjit Singh Sarna who exercising his powers as President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) didn’t let an Akhand Path to take place.

This is not only religious impeachment but also obstruction in fundamental rights of an Indian. The Indian constitution allows the freedom of worship to every Indian.

Showing unconstitutional powers of his position, DSGMC President, Sarna stopped stop Jathedar Kuldip Singh Bhogal to perform an Akhand path at Gurudwara Bala Sahib in Delhi.

Jathedar Bhogal booked an ‘Akhand Path’ on 2nd March 2012 but he was not given permission till 7th March. Instead of giving permission, Sarna used force to stop them from preforming the ‘Akhand Path’. To avoid any further clash and further confrontation, Jathedar Bhogal better decided to walk out of the Gurudwara.

This was not the first occasion when Sarna obstructed someone to follow his/her religion. Before this Sarna stopped the bereaved families of 1984 to do Akhand Path in memory of those who lost lives.

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