DSGMC played a pivotal role in reconciling deeply affected Sikh psyche

Anti – Sikh riots in the aftermath of assassination of Indira Gandhi is the biggest blot in the Sikh history. 5000 innocent Sikhs in Delhi were killed mercilessly. Unarmed and innocent Sikh men, women and even children were brutally murdered and properties of Sikhs were burnt by the mobs.


Impact of such a horrendous act was so grave that it deeply affected the Sikh psyche of even generations to come. Turbulence in Punjab in late 80s even aggravated Sikh wounds further. Entire Sikh community was perceived as terrorists especially outside Punjab. Punjabi youth travelling to national capital were harassed for their religious identity.

Cut to the present, Sikhs have regained their lost pride in Delhi. Not happened overnight, it was a slow process, which transpired over a period of time. Delhi witnessed many firsts in last few years, which helped the community regain its lost pride. First time in the history, ‘Gurmat Samagam’ took place at historic places like India Gate, Quitab Minar and Lal Quila.

Other than that grand function was organized to mark the tercentenary martyrdom of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. PM Narendra Modi and six union ministers graced the occasion besides host of other dignitaries.

This couldn’t have happened without the sincere and tireless efforts of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC). Holding religious functions at historic places at national capital not only took the Sikh glory to its pristine heights but also filled a sense of pride in each member of the community.


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