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Arvind Kejriwal Under Fire After Another Act of Crime Against Minor in Delhi

A 14-year-old girl died Sunday in another case of a lower-caste woman allegedly being raped by the same man twice in India. The victim was kidnapped in May by the same suspect who allegedly attacked her in December of last year, according to a police report filed by her parents, a senior Delhi official was quoted saying. The suspect was reportedly out on bail while he awaited trial for his first rape of the teenager.

Her parents told police she had been forced to drink chemicals by her alleged attacker. With the rape of another minor in the capital, comes to light the kind of safety women are still being deprived in a city like Delhi

In line with the unstoppable events, Delhi-BJP on Monday demanded Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal‘s resignation, saying his government has “completely failed” on women security front, a day after AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was arrested for allegedly trying to mow down a woman. To add to the pre-existing mistrust in the Delhi CM, another heinous crime of sexual nature against a minor girl has been committed right under his nose. Even then, Kejriwal remains oblivious to how real the problems of women are in the capital.

City BJP unit president Satish Upadhyay brought out a “charge sheet” claiming there were allegations of “atrocities on women, fraud, graft and religious frenzy” against AAP workers and said the ruling party stands “exposed” on the issue of probity. “Of the 70 election promises of Kejriwal, women security was the most hyped. But after coming to power, his government has ignored the issue and not launched any concrete programme in this direction,” he alleged.

“The Delhi Commission for Women has become a political playground. Matters related to domestic violence involving MLAs and women harassment by legislators and their goons have became a routine. “The situation has turned worse…The family of an AAP volunteer, who allegedly committed suicide after facing harassment at the hands of a party colleague, told the media that Kejriwal asked her to compromise,” Upadhyay alleged.

The city BJP chief said Kejriwal should resign from the post of Chief Minister as he has failed to fulfill even one out of 70 promises he made to the people of the city in the run-up to the Assembly polls.

Due to the blissful ignorance of the CM, the women in the city still continue to live around miscreants and with a sense of fear that throbs within them every day in and out. Where is our CM when the city needs him? Stricter laws. Stricter punishment. Stricter action. All these empty promises go down the drain, staking women’s security furthermore.

April fool’s day declared Arvind Kejriwal diwas

Second April fool pic

People of Delhi declared April 1 as Kejriwal diwas for his fake promises

The residents of Delhi feel that there is no need to observe April fool’s day as already the Chief Minister of Delh Arvind Kejriwal has be fooled them. The people of Delhi have declared first April as Kejriwal diwas. Every year the day would be observed in the name of the leader who has be fooled the national capital of the country.

How he duped the people?

The new party in the country, AAP was a hope for the residents of Delhi that it would bring change in the system. However, nothing has been done so far by the party for the public. Only the party leaders themselves brought change in their life style. The common life style of the AAP leaders changed into the lavish lifestyle.

April fool

  • The party in its manifesto promised the public that after forming the government, no legislator would get big house. However, the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was the first one who himself accepted the bungalow of ten rooms.
  • The party promised that no legislator would take security but the clever muffler man took the security for 40 armed commandos along with 30 police men and personal security guards.
  • It would be a party of common man and it would present crime free politics. However, 21 legislators of the party facing criminal cases.
  • It was promised that the party would end corruption but Kejriwal’s own cabinet ministers are involved in the corruption cases.
  • The party would end the crime against women but AAP’s cabinet minister Somnath Bharti facing the case of domestic violence.
  • The water and power tariff would not be hiked by AAP government but the power and water tariff was hiked by AAP government in Delhi.
  • AAP promised to build 500 new schools in five years and after a year no school has been constructed by the government. So, do Kejriwal have magical stick which would create 500 schools suddenly?

The residents of Delhi are fed up with AAP government and feel cheated

In the span of one year, the public is up in arms against the ruling regime. Even the people feel cheated and they started protesting against the ruling AAP in different parts of the city.

AAP presented second time a directionless budget


AAP regime made big promises this time too

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia who is the old friend of AAP supremo presented a directionless budget this time too. In the maiden budget of 2015-16, the party did not make anything and second time, the government came out with the visionless document to misguide the public.

AAP boasted about its fake achievements in assembly

Sisodia while presenting the budget claimed that the government made 8000 classrooms during 2015-16. In fact, it is not possible to construct large number of classrooms in 365. Even the mathematical calculations would expose the ruling AAP.

The government has only constructed 21 schools in a year and in the election manifesto, it was promised to make 500 schools in five years. If the ruling AAP has built 21 schools in a year, then the dream of making 500 schools would never be chased.

Sisodia proposed Aam Admi Canteen for “poor”

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Sisodia proposed the special canteen which would serve food on very nominal rates. Once again the party has come out with a plan to woo the poor voters as poor population is the biggest vote bank in the national capital. The leaders have mastered the art of wooing the voters and this time they again played politics on the front.

AAP promised free wi fi but now charging for the service, claimed Sisodia

The party had promised to offer free wi fi service within a year. However, the party failed to fulfil its promise. The wi fi service has been started in few areas of Delhi but it’s not free as ruling government put charges for the services. It is even admitted by Sisodia in the assembly during the budget that the ruling government is charging for the service.

AAP investing public money for good work, good work means Kejriwal

Sisodia said that the government investing Public money for good work. But the good work is something different as the public money is being spent on Kejriwal’s self-publicity and advertisements.

A Dentist brutally killed in Kejriwal’s safe Delhi

kejri 1

AAP had claimed that the crime rate has gone down

The election document, Delhi Dialogue had proudly claimed that after forming government in Delhi, AAP would make the national capital a crime free state.

However, the AAP has completely failed to deliver all the promises despite completing one year term in February 2016. There is no change witnessed in the incidents of crime and the entire situation is same like it was in the past. Nothing has been changed as of now.

A dentist brutally killed in Kejriwal’s dream city 


The worst law and order situation in the national capital led to the killing of a dentist by a mob recently.

Police took nine people, including four juveniles, into custody for fatally attacking 42-year-old dentist Pankaj Narang with iron rods, cricket bats and other blunt objects at New Krishna Park in Vikaspuri.

Narang’s brother-in-law, Vikas Sethi, was badly injured when came to his rescue. The incident happened as Narang was playing cricket with his son.

Trouble began when the ball flew into the bylane and he and his son ran after it. Narang saw two youth on a bike approaching them, taking abrupt alternate right and left turns. When he raised his hand to stop the biker, it grazed the rider’s body, triggering an argument.

The argument escalated as Narang slapped the biker and seized his motorcycle and keys.

The duo escaped but returned 15 minutes later with more than a dozen people, including juveniles and women, carrying blunt objects, a police officer said. Narang was dragged out of his home and brutally assaulted.

Killers were illegal Bangladeshi migrants

The accused were Bangladeshis who were upset with India’s win. Twitter was flooded with tweets that the bikers killed the doctor because he and his son were celebrating the win. The AAP government has failed to stop the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in the national capital and nothing has been done so far to curb the problem.

Kejriwal just wrote few words on Twitter

The Chief Minister after the incident had just written few words on Twitter. He mentioned that he visited the family but the family members are in shock and they are not willing to talk to anyone.

Why Kejriwal remain silent this time?

Whenever some big incident happened where the AAP supremo sees any gain, he always en cash the situation with his cheap art of performing political stunts. He had joined the protest against the suicide of dalit scholar, Rohit Vemula, he had joined the protest of JNU students but this time he is quiet. He has not found any vote bank this time so he preferred to remain quiet.