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AAP jealous of MP govt’s proposal for the salary hike of MLA’s


In Delhi AAP hiked the MLAs salary but crying when MP government going to do the same

In Delhi, the AAP had not hesitated to increase the salaries of its legislators and even the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had made a great hike in his salary. The Delhi CM withdraws Rs 2.6 lakhs per month and the Prime Minister of India gets Rs 1.6 lakhs per month. So, he set the record in the country where a state CM receives more salary than country’s Prime Minister.

It’s ok if AAP do anything but if other party does the same then AAP becomes jealous

When the AAP ruling government broken its promise of austerity and hiked the salaries of the legislators then the rival parties had fired the salvos against Keriwal. But the Chief Minister of Delhi did not bother about the criticism received for the move. When the same thing is being done in other state then AAP is jealous. The Madhya Pradesh government headed by Shivraj Chauhan decided to hike the salaries of legislators.

When MP government decided the move, the AAP started shouting against the salary hike of legislators of MP government. The AAP forgotten that in Delhi, the legislators not only got the salary hike but they are enjoying the luxuries. The state exchequer’s money is being spent on AAP legislators’ lavish lifestyle.

Why AAP targets only BJP ruling states? Because AAP is hand in glove with Congress

The AAP always target the BJP and its alliance parties. In Madhya Pradesh, the ruling regime of BJP has become the target for AAP. The AAP is hand in glove with the Congress party as in the past the party did not protest against the ruling states by Congress and its allies. Moreover, the party has been preparing for the assembly elections against the BJP ruling states. AAP is preparing for Punjab and Goa where BJP government is there. Why AAP not preparing for the Uttar Pradesh elections as majority of the leaders in AAP are from UP?