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It’s a “Strike Out” Under The Aegis of AAP


One might question the number of strikes that the city of Delhi has seen in the recent past. As many as 10 or more strikes have taken place in the past one year. All owing to the failure in fulfillment of promises by the present government of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

In a classic portrayal political propaganda by the current Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has shown a very on the surface dedication and made a plethora of fake promises to the people of the capital of the country and the government he serves. The real question to as here is : Can a lying person run a state with all honesty? Sincerely doubtful.

The city saw a couple of the most prominent strikes that plagued the nation. Among these were the following –

Massive strike by MCD workers for non-payment of salary

AAP government had allocated only Rs. 2,457.84 crore to Municipal Corporation Department (MCD) for the financial year 2015-2016 while annual expenses goes upto 5000 crore annually. While MCD was unable to disburse salary for three months between November ’15 to January ’16, 1.5 Lakh MCD workers in city went on a strike.

Not accepting the shortage of funds in MCD, AAP starting indulging in blame-game and conveniently passed on the blame to BJP ruled MCD and termed the massive strike as ‘salary scam’.

Strike by government teachers

School remained shut for many days and 1.2 million students of MCD schools were sent back home, as 16,000 teachers are not strike in wake of not receiving salary since October 2015.

Strike by medicos

Healthcare facilities were hit badly. Emergency as well as OPD services remained suspended at government hospitals, as doctors and nurses of government & municipal hospital went on strike for many days.

Other major strikes that took place in Delhi include strike by guest teachers; taxi & auto drivers; DTC drivers employees; strike by contractual employees and ‘anganwadi’ workers.

It really frustrates a true delhi-ite to see what kind of person is running the city and how half-heartedly. Another things one may find themselves questioning is whether or not to trust a person whose own have been abandoning his side for such a long time now. With his recent gimmickry the CM has proven how he is just seeking attention from the media in order to fulfill certain ulterior motives. How far will the country and its people take it? Only time will tell..

AAP failed to eliminate drug trade in national capital

Photo Caption

Photo Caption

Fake AAP always criticise rival parties regarding drugs issue

The ruling regime of AAP had promised the people of Delhi to give a clean and crime free environment when the party had been contesting the polls. It was mentioned in the manifesto that Delhi would be crime fee in AAP’s regime but a year has passed but the crime rate is going up. If we look at the drug trade in Delhi, the AAP has completely failed to curb the drug smuggling and drug practise in the capital.

Drug route starts from Delhi

As per the information by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence a smuggler’s arrest has exposed that Delhi is the drug route to other states.

This turns the popular perception about the drug route, starting from Afghanistan and entering Punjab via its border with Pakistan, on its head.

AAP failed to curb the drug smugglers in Delhi

The DRI arrested Vijay Kumar, a carpenter, with 2.5 kg heroin smuggled from Delhi for consumption in Amritsar.

It has come to light in which drug smugglers have pushed heroin from Delhi to Amritsar.

Vijay told the DRI that he was given the consignment by a truck driver, who had brought it from Delhi via road. Vijay was supposed to sell it to drug consumers. Earlier, the DRI sleuths had arrested a vendor, Avtar Singh, on January 29 with 1.7 kg heroin from a passenger bus coming from Delhi to Amritsar.

Alarmingly, the quality of the heroin recovered in both cases suggests that it was manufactured in Delhi.

The DRI official said, “The agencies in Punjab will now have to work out a double strategy. One to mind the popular route and the other to keep a tab on the new route.”

AAP could not curb the drug smuggling in Delhi

The ruling party in Delhi has failed to curb the drug smuggling and the menace in the city. Moreover, it has been unearthed that the national capital is the route for the drug smuggling. AAP government failed to stop the practise in Delhi and during the Punjab visit, the Chief Minister had promised to bring chance with in two months. At that time in Punjab, he was trying to raise the non-existing issue of drugs and even AIMMS report has proved that there is no drug problem in Punjab.

Kejriwal following the footsteps of his father

Kejri father

Kejriwal’s father articulately grabs four acres of land of his sister

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal had claimed himself an idle of honesty but within a span of three years of existence of AAP, the hypocrisy of the muffler man has exposed in front of the public.

A shocking revelation by the relatives of Kejriwal’s family has raised curtain from the so called honest image of his family, especially his father. A close relative of the Kejriwal has raised questions on the credibility of Kejriwal’s family.

Kejriwal’s cousin levelled serious allegations against Govind Ram

Rambilas, cousin of Kejriwal and the nephew of Kejriwal’s father Govind Ram has levelled serious allegations against Kejriwal’s father for grabbing his mother’s land.

As per the information, Rambilas mother Sita Devi had transferred the power of attorney of her four acres of land to Govind Ram in 2006. Govind had allegedly proved Sita Devi as his mother in the documents which were properly fabricated by Kejriwal’s father.

He had falsely proved his sister as his mother in the documents and grabbed the land of Sita Devi.

Legal battle against Govind Ram

Rambilas has been fighting legal battle with his uncle for his right. The nephew of Govind Ram has been struggling hard to earn his bread as he is running a small shop at Bahadurgarh.

The matter is pending in the court and Rambilas has no option except the endless wait for the final decision of the court. It’s very shocking that Kejriwal’s father made false documents and grabbed the land of his real sister by pretending Sita Devi as his mother in documents.

Kejriwal should resign from the post of Delhi CM and AAP supremo

kejri 1

The supremo of AAP and the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal had started his career for the eradication of corruption. However, the corruption has started from his own house so on the moral grounds he has to submit his resignation from the post of Delhi CM and AAP national convener. He had fired his cabinet minister when allegations against corruption and a video cop of the minister were shown to the muffler man. Why he kept himself side lined from the issue? Why he did not come open and put his stand on his father’s deed?



‘Smart City’ – false commitment by Kejriwal

A person who made people of Delhi dream about smart clean and corrupt free city has been failed to achieve the same, as common man of Delhi remain poor, unemployed and starve for their basic amenities like drinking water.


Kejriwal who talked about opening up of schools, new health facilities, 24 hrs electricity and water supply in the Capital has been either seen enjoying his vacations or sitting on dharnas.

Much talked “failure of 15 day odd-even trial” in the Capital city has been proved as another opportunity for Kejriwal to take a break from his home state and enjoy his vacation with his wife at a luxurious resort in the outskirts of  Bengaluru.  He attributed the growing pollution in the Capital of the country as a prime reason for the recurrence of his cough and chest congestion.

“Kejriwal availed the opportunity by taking a break from the Delhi weather to restore his energy for protests and holding dharnas”

AAP followers who supported AAP initially are now-a-days seen raising their voice against its National convener Arvind Kejriwal, as what they wanted was decisive and clean governance by Kejriwal but got totally opposite. They felt betrayed by AAP government as it could not prove its worth in the past one year.

Delhi in crisis: Kejriwal missing

While garbage dumps mount up here and there on the streets of Delhi, students were sent back from corporation run schools as teachers were on strike and hospitals refused to attend patients as a result of strike held by doctors for non payment of salaries. Kejriwal was enjoying in bengaluru and was unavailable to comment on the crisis in Delhi.  He was even accused by public for misusing People’s hard earned money which is paid to government in the form of taxes, for his own leisure.

AAP today is floating in a cloud of high-expectations in regards of Assembly poll in Punjab, built by false advertising, inappropriate marketing and dishonest wealth. Reality of the party is coming to limelight slowly with large number of its leaders getting exposed in various corruption and criminal cases.

Kejriwal, who is now heading towards Punjab for his week-long trip, should first concentrate on the conditions of Delhi which are out of gear rather than enjoying in Punjab.

AAP jealous of MP govt’s proposal for the salary hike of MLA’s


In Delhi AAP hiked the MLAs salary but crying when MP government going to do the same

In Delhi, the AAP had not hesitated to increase the salaries of its legislators and even the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had made a great hike in his salary. The Delhi CM withdraws Rs 2.6 lakhs per month and the Prime Minister of India gets Rs 1.6 lakhs per month. So, he set the record in the country where a state CM receives more salary than country’s Prime Minister.

It’s ok if AAP do anything but if other party does the same then AAP becomes jealous

When the AAP ruling government broken its promise of austerity and hiked the salaries of the legislators then the rival parties had fired the salvos against Keriwal. But the Chief Minister of Delhi did not bother about the criticism received for the move. When the same thing is being done in other state then AAP is jealous. The Madhya Pradesh government headed by Shivraj Chauhan decided to hike the salaries of legislators.

When MP government decided the move, the AAP started shouting against the salary hike of legislators of MP government. The AAP forgotten that in Delhi, the legislators not only got the salary hike but they are enjoying the luxuries. The state exchequer’s money is being spent on AAP legislators’ lavish lifestyle.

Why AAP targets only BJP ruling states? Because AAP is hand in glove with Congress

The AAP always target the BJP and its alliance parties. In Madhya Pradesh, the ruling regime of BJP has become the target for AAP. The AAP is hand in glove with the Congress party as in the past the party did not protest against the ruling states by Congress and its allies. Moreover, the party has been preparing for the assembly elections against the BJP ruling states. AAP is preparing for Punjab and Goa where BJP government is there. Why AAP not preparing for the Uttar Pradesh elections as majority of the leaders in AAP are from UP?   



The anti-nationalist AK claims himself a “patriot”

Kejri baba

When the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal found himself in trouble because of supporting JNU incident, he started claiming himself a “patriot.” The state head who was supporting the JNU students facing sedition charges now took u turn.

He has started claiming himself bigger patriot by comparing himself with the rival party leaders. Once again he proved that he has mastered the art of taking u turns.

Kejriwal tweeted that he has been raising his voice for dalits, the poort and backward. He raised the voice for dalits to get political gains. He prefers to target those who can be a good vote bank.

 Now AK start talking on martyred soldiers

He remained silent when the ten soldiers died during their duty in Siachen glacier.  Moreover, he had preferred to attend rallies when six soldiers attained martyrdom in Jammu and Kashmir. Kejriwal is now talking about the martyr soldiers. He is supporting the anti-national and he blamed centre government for protecting anti-nationals in Kashmir.

On Sunday, an FIR was registered at Saroornagar police station in Hyderabad following a court order relating to sedition charges against Kejriwal.

He had offered Rs 1 crore help in 2015 to a CRPF soldier who was died in Naxal attack. He had played the trick to get the political mileage. He is just hungry to make votes only. When he got in trouble, he started calling himself a bigger patriot.

He supports the militant, JNU students. Is this patriotism?


In Punjab, the AAP leaders distributed the pamphlets and pasted posters of the slain militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Moreover, the pictures of Kejriwal and AAP Punjab leaders were in the poster. The leaders had urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhindranwale.

A criminal case has filed by a Moga resident in Ludhiana courts against Kerjiwal and his company.

He has supported the JNU incident and even had joined a rally in support of the arrested JNU students. Kejriwal had given clean chit to Kanhaiya when the case is still pending in the court. He had tweeted for Kanhaiya also and he had blessed him.

He supports Khalistan movement, he supports anti-nationals. Is this patriotism Mr Kejriwal.



Kejriwal’s austerity stunt

“Newsmaker Kejriwal yet again grabbed limelight for attending dinner at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, which was hosted by none other than President Pranab Mukherjee, wearing his slippers”


The dinner had in its guest list dignitaries as high profile as French President Francois Hollande. In such a dinner Kejriwal surely grabbed eyeballs by appearing in his slippers. But the question which would perhaps pop up to any ‘aam adami’ that do we need to go to this extend to demonstrate austerity or Delhi Chief Minister really cannot afford a simple pair of formal shoes?

While the entire nation hailed the much hyped “austerity measures” by Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal that include not staying in official bungalow nor using red beacon, but it soon became evident that these were nothing but poll-gimmicks or populist strategy to garner people’s sympathy!

After the recent self awarded 400% hike in the salary, Kejriwal draws Rs. 2.3 Lakh from the taxpayer’s exchequer every month – the highest in any state of the country, much higher than even the Prime Minister of India but he doesn’t have the money to buy a nice pair of shoes.


It is to be noted here that former president KR Narayanan had mandated dress codes for his guests for such gatherings. But our Pranab Da’ is more lenient giving liberty to Kejriwal to show-off his austere move.

The concept and belief Arvind Kejriwal is trying to propagate so hard – that the AAP is a congregation of some special people, devoid of the human lusts for power and money. He claims that only thing that keeps his party and its men motivated is utmost magical desire of serving the people and the country. Every political party has some committed members and AAP is no exception.

But Kejriwal’s AAP seemed to be a political party different from all other political parties in the world, comprised of an spotless bunch of saints, with severe moral values and dedicated to the betterment of human beings only. Human beings prefer a government of human beings, not of saints who are technically much above human sentiments.

Kejriwal’s strict adherence to severity, his concepts of the much clichéd  ‘plain living and high thinking’ on moral ground seems farce and an illusion to ‘aam aadmi.’