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Kejriwal following the footsteps of his father

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Kejriwal’s father articulately grabs four acres of land of his sister

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal had claimed himself an idle of honesty but within a span of three years of existence of AAP, the hypocrisy of the muffler man has exposed in front of the public.

A shocking revelation by the relatives of Kejriwal’s family has raised curtain from the so called honest image of his family, especially his father. A close relative of the Kejriwal has raised questions on the credibility of Kejriwal’s family.

Kejriwal’s cousin levelled serious allegations against Govind Ram

Rambilas, cousin of Kejriwal and the nephew of Kejriwal’s father Govind Ram has levelled serious allegations against Kejriwal’s father for grabbing his mother’s land.

As per the information, Rambilas mother Sita Devi had transferred the power of attorney of her four acres of land to Govind Ram in 2006. Govind had allegedly proved Sita Devi as his mother in the documents which were properly fabricated by Kejriwal’s father.

He had falsely proved his sister as his mother in the documents and grabbed the land of Sita Devi.

Legal battle against Govind Ram

Rambilas has been fighting legal battle with his uncle for his right. The nephew of Govind Ram has been struggling hard to earn his bread as he is running a small shop at Bahadurgarh.

The matter is pending in the court and Rambilas has no option except the endless wait for the final decision of the court. It’s very shocking that Kejriwal’s father made false documents and grabbed the land of his real sister by pretending Sita Devi as his mother in documents.

Kejriwal should resign from the post of Delhi CM and AAP supremo

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The supremo of AAP and the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal had started his career for the eradication of corruption. However, the corruption has started from his own house so on the moral grounds he has to submit his resignation from the post of Delhi CM and AAP national convener. He had fired his cabinet minister when allegations against corruption and a video cop of the minister were shown to the muffler man. Why he kept himself side lined from the issue? Why he did not come open and put his stand on his father’s deed?